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ProMaster  Hard LCD Screen Protector - 3.2'' 4:3 #8352  

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Brand:  ProMaster

Type of Accessory:  Screen Protector


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ProMaster-Hard LCD Screen Protector - 3.2'' 4:3 #8352-Miscellaneous Camera Accessories
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Type of Accessory

Screen Protector


Made from .8mm ultra hard polycarbonate (the same as material used in bullet-proof applications.) Ultra-thin design allows for more than 92% light transmission, maintaining the viewing properties of your LCD. The H5 hard coating resists scratching, fingerprints, dust and more, while offering the ultimate in protection for your LCD. In addition, the UV coating allows for sharp, crisp images with correct color balance.


DSLR with 3.2" 4:3 LCD Screen




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