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Gary Fong  Fold Flat Diffuser #ORIGAMI  

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Brand:  Gary Fong

Type of Accessory:  Flash Diffuser / Light Modifier


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Gary Fong-Fold Flat Diffuser #ORIGAMI-Miscellaneous Camera Accessories


Type of Accessory

Flash Diffuser / Light Modifier


The new Origami™ diffuser is in response to many users who demanded the perfect combination of portability, professional creativity and versatility in one fold-flat, compact unit.

Utilizing the same diffusion panels as the critically acclaimed Gary Fong "WhaleTail" Reporter, you get one amber flap, one opaque flap for neutral or "warming" diffusion lighting. It also comes with the new "Kung-Fu" grip system that is so strong that it will suspend the entire weight of the camera and flash unit without falling off!


Most flash units, one size fits all


Gary Fong


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